Pomegranates are resistant to drought conditions. They can grow at altitudes of up to a thousand meters, between the equator and the 40th latitude, where the Mediterranean climate prevails. It is resistant to cold temperatures down to -10°C. 500 mm annual rainfall is sufficient. It is a sun-loving plant and its productivity increases when watered regularly during the summer months. In wetter regions, they may experience root rot caused by fungal diseases.

The origin of pomegranate, which has been grown in the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years, is thought to be Iran. It grows in a wide area from Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Himalaya Mountains. Wild pomegranate gardens are found in Georgia, Armenia and the eastern coast of the Black Sea. Countries where pomegranate is grown include Türkiye, Iran, India, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Additionally, pomegranate has been cultivated in the Mediterranean countries and the Caucasus since prehistoric times. Its Latin name, Punica granatum, means Phoenician apple, which indicates that the Phoenicians spread the pomegranate throughout the Mediterranean basin. Since pomegranate can grow in arid climates, it is also grown in Southeast Asia, Malaysia and tropical Africa. Pomegranate, which was transported to Southern China and Southeast Asia via the Silk Road and maritime trade, is also grown in these regions. Pomegranate, which was brought to Latin America and California by the Spanish in the 18th century, has become a commercial product in California and Arizona since the 2000s.

Pomegranate, which is widely grown in the Aegean and Southeastern Anatolia regions of Turkey, is produced on a large scale, especially in the town of Irlıganlı in Denizli province. Additionally, pomegranates grown in Irlıganlı are among the most preferred ones for export. Additionally, Granada, a historic city in southern Spain, took its name from the pomegranate fruit.

Pomegranate contains potassium, calcium and iron minerals, as well as vitamins A, C, K, B vitamins and folic acid. It is also necessary to mention its high polyphenol content. Polyphenols are secondary plant pigments. Pomegranate is among the fruits with the highest antioxidant content.

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