fresh fruit and vegetable export

Enjoy Trade is a reputable firm specializing in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables. We work with great dedication to deliver the freshest and highest quality products from Turkey’s fertile lands to our customers worldwide. Our vision is to provide healthy and natural products to our customers in international standards, aiming to secure a lasting place in the global market. We strive to earn the trust of our customers with the quality and freshness of our products, aiming to establish long-term business partnerships.

Product Variety

As Enjoy Trade, we export a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our product portfolio includes delicious and nutritious products such as pomegranates, tomatoes, peaches, quinces, tangerines, and watermelons. Each of our products is cultivated under the best conditions that nature offers and harvested with great care.


Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, strengthen the immune system, and support heart health. Our pomegranates are grown in the most suitable climate and soil conditions and are exported in their freshest state.


Tomatoes are a healthy food rich in vitamins A and C. Our tomatoes, which are especially used frequently in salads and dishes, are grown using natural methods and stand out with their flavor.


Peaches are the indispensable fruit of the summer months. Known for their sweet and juicy nature, our peaches are carefully selected and presented to our customers in their freshest state.


Quinces are known for their high fiber content and unique taste. Our quinces, which are an important part of a healthy diet, are grown using natural methods and carefully harvested.


Tangerines are known as a vitamin C store and especially support the immune system during the winter months. Our tangerines are grown using natural and additive-free methods and are exported fresh.


Watermelons are the refreshing and sweet fruit of the summer season. Our watermelons are grown under natural conditions in our vast fields and delivered to our customers in their ripest and most delicious state.

fresh fruit and vegetable export

Quality and Naturalness

At Enjoy Trade, we do not compromise on the quality and naturalness of our products. Using natural and organic farming methods, we cultivate healthy and nutritious products. Our quality standards are based on internationally accepted norms. We guarantee the freshness and naturalness of our products by conducting strict quality controls at every stage.

Natural Products

All of our products are grown using natural methods without the use of chemical additives. Thus, we take pride in offering our customers the healthiest and most reliable products.

Quality Control

We work meticulously at every stage, from harvest to packaging, to preserve the quality of our products. Our quality control processes aim to maintain the freshness and nutritional value of our products at the highest level.

Production and Certifications

At Enjoy Trade, we use the latest technologies in our production processes and produce to high standards. The certifications we hold are a testament to the importance we place on quality.

Production Processes

By using modern agricultural techniques, we increase the productivity and quality of our products. Our farmers continuously receive training on natural farming methods and implement the best practices.


The certifications we hold document the compliance of our products with international quality standards. These certifications are part of our commitment to providing reliable products to our customers.

Logistics and Delivery Guarantee

Delivering our products to our customers in the fastest and most reliable way is among our priorities. Thanks to our strong logistics network, we ensure timely delivery while preserving the freshness of our products.

Delivery Processes

Our delivery processes are planned to ensure our products reach our customers as soon as possible from the harvest. Our products are shipped using special packaging techniques to preserve their freshness.

Reliable Supply Chain

Our reliable supply chain ensures that our products reach our customers as soon as possible after harvest. This way, we maintain the quality and freshness of our products, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee our customers that our products will be delivered on time and with the promised quality. The meticulousness we show in our delivery processes helps us gain customer trust.

Customer Satisfaction and Support

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for Enjoy Trade. We ensure our customers' satisfaction and loyalty through the support services we provide. Feedback from our customers helps us continuously improve our service quality.

Customer-Oriented Service

Our customer-oriented service approach forms the basis of all our business processes. We provide quick and effective solutions to our customers' needs, ensuring their satisfaction.

Support Services

We offer pre-sales and post-sales support services to our customers. To provide all kinds of information and support regarding our products, we are in constant communication with our expert team.

fresh fruit and vegetable export